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DODGEN sharing pilot test platform is located in Ningdong modern coal chemical pilot base,it helps enterprises make important and forward-looking strategic decisions. The experimental parameters, industrialization feasibility parameters, technical and economic indicators and cost-benefit rate obtained from pilot experiment.

In the way of cooperating with DODGEN in pilot base, not only the stability of the process and equipment can be verified, but also the process conditions can be improved and optimized. We are equipped with a variety of reaction and separation modular skids (the figure for the classification of process skids can be seen as follows). The modular skid equipment can be applied to various types of reaction and separation systems, and complete sets of technology can be quickly developed to help our customers shorten the pilot certification cycle.

Characteristics of DODGEN pilot skid:

1. Modular unit operation, the devices can be freely assembled to resolve the technical bottlenecks of different reactions and separation, making the pilot test implemented quickly.

2. Microchannel and tubular reactor are adopted for continuous reaction without amplification effect, the product yield is increased and energy consumption is reduced.

3. A variety of separation devices are coupled to provide the best solution in the most professional way.

4. The reaction and separation system can be combined to complete the whole-process reaction and separation in the shortest time to produce high-purity chemical products.

5. Multi sensor real-time record operation data, computer-aided optimization, avoid material waste and obtain the best process conditions.

In addition to amplifying and improving DODGEN internal projects, our pilot base also undertakes industrial verification in the area of degradable plastics, electronic chemicals, biosynthesis, innovative materials, new energy and plastic recycling, playing a role of an "auxiliary" for the commercial production of projects, it means that high potential product would be Industrialized sooner.

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Contact :(021) 5068 3979、18016058776