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Shanghai DODGEN Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise committed to the research and development of new chemical materials and breaking the bottleneck of existing production technology. By integrating technology and market resources efficiently, we provide advanced, reliable and competitive process technology package, chemical unit technology and advanced process equipment in the field of biosynthetic materials, degradable plastics and recycling, electronic chemicals, new energy and etc. DODGEN develops catalysts and additives to provide overall solutions for our customers.

At present, we have nearly 100 engineering team, including more than 10 well-known chemical experts, half of which have master degree (or above)and experienced engineering experience. Our R&D center has technical laboratory, complete chemical analysis instruments and chemical reaction, mass transfer and separation equipment as well as several sets of medium-sized model test devices.

We have series of patented technologies and complete process system technical solutions, we strengthen the technical cooperation with well-known engineering companies and well-known scientific research institutions, we aim to enhance our core competitiveness in this industry. DODGEN Chemical was awarded the national high-tech enterprise certification in 2021,we are committed to building excellent continuous flow "intelligent manufacturing" technology in domestic and international world.

Honors and Qualifications

Development journey

  • 2012 01-01

    Shanghai DODGEN process system technology department was established

  • 2018 06-01

    Shanghai DODGEN Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established

  • 2005 07-18

    Shanghai DODGEN Equipment Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. was established

Company's bussiness

In the future, fossil raw materials and energy will be gradually replaced by other green biomass and energy because of the sustainability. DODGEN chemical has committed to service for clean and low-carbon fields such as new materials, new energy and green manufacturing of chemicals in the long term. Through the integration of new technologies, new processes and new equipment in the whole industrial chain, trying to accelerate scientific research industrialization and production industrialization.

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立足于氢氰酸衍生物及聚乳酸、聚乙醇酸等可降解材料领域,建立氢氰酸衍生物和PLA/PGA/PLGA/PBS 等可降解材料有机结合产业链,提供催化剂、助剂等特种化学品为我们的客户服务。

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Address:Fushan road No.388,Shanghai pudong district
Contact :(021) 5068 3979、18016058776