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It integrates multiple functions and millimeter level reaction channel to meet different process requirements.

Technology introduction

Dodgen D-AMERT Large flux and micro reaction technology was developed based on large-scale device application. The reaction system integrates transportation and metering, temperature control and reaction. The reaction channel of the reactor is millimeter level. The materials pass through the mixing element set in the reactor channel. In the process of forced shear and mixing, the homogenization size of the reactant reaction interface reaches micron level.

millimeter level reaction interface takes reaction to the theoretical design state.

Technical principle

DODGEN D-AMERT reactor is a miniaturized reaction equipment developed with unique linear distributor technology and ultra precision atomization technology, Combined with the successful experience of high-efficiency plate and shell heat exchanger, falling film heat exchanger and DSR reactor, DODGEN utilizes micro machining and precision machining technology, and designs unique internal structure to control the reaction process in small space, The characteristic size of the reaction space is controlled at the micron or even nano level, so that the design of the chemical reaction process is close to the theoretical design state, that is, it is designed according to the great reaction conditions of chemical reaction kinetics.

Technical advantages

● Fast temperature response: efficient heat transfer system and very short reaction time, which can respond instantaneously to the change of reaction temperature.

● Conversion / Yield: shorten reaction dwell time, accurately control reaction time, reduce side reactions and improve selectivity.

● High safety performance: small reaction liquid holding capacity, fast mass and heat transfer, avoiding "flying temperature" phenomenon.

● Continuous production: flexible continuous production process.

● No amplification effect: parallel amplification, simple and reliable amplification process.

● Device miniaturization: "refrigerator mobile factory" concept, highly automatic control.

● Low investment cost: low investment, high income, low production management cost and flexible operation.

Typical applications

● Nitrification of aromatics;

● Preparation of adipic acid by direct oxidation of cyclohexene with hydrogen peroxide;

● Preparation of disulfide by photocatalytic aerobic oxidation of mercaptan;

● Photocatalytic trifluoromethane alkylation of aromatics and heterocyclic hydrocarbons;

● Palladium catalyzed aerobic oxidation of o-xylene to 3,3 ', 4,4' – tetramethylbiphenyl;

● polylactic acid.

● Copolymer

● Continuous flow heat sensitive and exothermic reaction

● Continuous sulfonation reaction

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