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the reaction area is increased In the turbulent state, reaction dwell time is reduced, and the concentration and temperature are uniformly controlled.

Technology introduction

The static mixing reaction with the characteristics of ideal piston flow reaction model is widely applied not only in petroleum refining and chemical industry, but also in medicine, food, mining and metallurgy, plastic extrusion and environmental protection.

The process is simple and efficient, be the traditional related equipment replacement.

Technical principle

Let the fluid flow in the equipment and impact various types of elements, so as to increase the velocity gradient of Fluid Laminar movement or form turbulence, and generate violent eddy current in the section direction. There is a strong shear force for the fluid, so that the fluid sometimes rotates left and sometimes rotates right, constantly changes the flow direction, and further disperses cutting folding mixing, Finally, the required mixing uniformity is achieved.

Technical advantages

●Compared with the kettle reactor, the reaction efficiency is improved, the side reaction is reduced and the energy consumption is reduced.

●Compared with the ordinary tubular reactor, the fluid flow model is changed so as to improve the uniformity of reaction material concentration and temperature, the residence time is narrow so that the yield of the main reaction is improved.

Typical applications

●Acid and alkaline gas absorption;

●Acid base neutralization reaction and pH value adjustment;

●Quantitative addition of additives and catalysts;

●Gas-liquid and liquid-liquid reaction.

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