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Patented concentration technology, a new technical route for concentrating hydrogen peroxide.

Technology introduction

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 ) is an important inorganic chemical product. Because the final product after its application is water and oxygen, it’s environmental-friendly chemical. DODGEN adopts a new anthraquinone process, which a new palladium catalyst fixed bed is introduced in fully acid operation process, it’s a new air oxidation process with patented concentration technology as well as a new technical route for hydrogen peroxide wastewater treatment. Single set of production capacity can reach 300000 tons / year under the ideal state.

Advanced concentration technology makes the process safer and the production capacity higher.

Technical advantages

▲ Totally acid liquid operation system, the alkali treatment process of raffinate is canceled, which is safer.

▲ New compounded working solution system -adding three solvent components 2-methylcyclohexyl acetate to the working solution, the solubility of the reaction carrier can be improved and the production capacity is higher;

▲ The oxidation time of the new compound working liquid group system is shorter, the volume of the oxidation tower is smaller.

▲ Newly high activity and selectivity catalyst system, the quantity of catalyst is greatly reduced;

▲ The advanced hydrogenation tower structure enables the hydrogenation reaction to be carried out under mild and appropriate conditions to reduce the occurrence of side reactions;

▲ The oxidation tower is filled with high-efficiency gas-liquid mass transfer packing to improve the oxidation yield to more than 95%;

▲ The structural design of high-efficiency composite extraction tower improves the efficiency of sieve plate by more than 30%;

▲ The activity of activated alumina is highly promoted and the consumption is reduced;

▲ DCS collects data automatically.

Innovative patented falling-film crystallizer

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