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Melting crystallization coupling with other technology facilitates to purifying industrial product to 99.99 ~ 99.9999%, which meets high purity requirements of electronic chemicals.

Technology introduction

Electronic chemicals are the key materials in the manufacturing process of electronic and battery industries. They refer to the chemical reagents in which the purity of main components is greater than 99.99%. The number of impurity ions and particles meets the strict requirement in the reason that purity and cleanliness have great impact on electrical performance and reliability of electronic components.

Purity is crucial for electronic chemicals. Melting crystallization technology is an important technology to produce high-purity chemical products. DODGEN melting crystallization technology is applied to electronic grade ethylene carbonate (EC), dimethyl carbonate (DMC), vinylidene carbonate (VC), fluoroethylene carbonate (FEC), electronic grade phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid and other products. Through multi-stage crystallization, ultrapure products with purity of 99.99 ~ 99.9999% can be obtained, and the single line production capacity ranges from 1000-50000 tons / year.

High separation efficiency, low energy consumption, no solvent and no gas phase.

Technical advantages

● High product purity: according to customer requirements, the product purity can reach more than 99.99% of chromatographic purity.

● High removal of impurity, less than 1ppb when coupling adsorption technology

● NO moving component,low maintenance cost

● No solvent, Inertia protective gas

● Easy to enlarge to pilot scale

● Totally automated control

● 10%-30% of Energy consumption in rectification

● Applicable in large scale production,eg:50000t

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